Women are speaking up Worldwide… and it’s about time.

48% of employed women have been sexually harassed at work according to the New Street Journal.

The BBC Radio 5 Live Presenter, George Riley, has been suspended from the show following complaints from female members of staff.

The Conservative Party staff members have compiled a list of 36 current Tory MPs who have either had affairs with Junior Colleagues or behaved inappropriately towards women, with some even using prostitutes.

Yesterday’s headlines.

These reports follow last week’s announcement from the BBC, which revealed half of British women had been sexually harassed at work – having commissioned a survey in the wake of the widespread sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein.

2,031 British adults were included in the research, of which 53% of women confirmed they had experienced some form of sexual harassment at work ranging from inappropriate comments to actual sexual assaults – with a massive 63% of those victimised advising they had not reported it to anyone.

The BBC concluded that at least one in 10 women had been sexually assaulted at work, demonstrating just how widespread the problem is.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is still unravelling as we speak, where over 60 victims have now spoken of their horrendous experiences. The good news? Women, and Men, now feel they can stand up and talk about ‘it’, without concern of what could happen if they do.

Prior to the scandal, victims have expressed concern about speaking out, questioning whether they should say something, if others will believe them and what they will think?

When you sit back and read these questions, and really analyse the thought-process here, they all lead to the same road: caring too much about what other people think instead of standing up for ourselves, feeling safe in the knowledge that we are right, strong-minded individuals, and certainly not victims of the inappropriate behaviour of others.

The female celebrities who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein are demonstrating this point perfectly – with prime examples in Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie and Gwenyth Paltrow, who are leading the pack and showing females globally that we do not have to sit back and accept sexual harassment in or out of the workplace.

For years Harvey Weinstein made women feel as though they couldn’t get ahead in their career without him, and what’s more, if they spoke up and informed others of harassment, their careers would be ruined for life.

These women are idols in their own right – and the fact they are now speaking up together should highlight that we too can stand and fight against the wrong in the World and push hard for what we believe in.

This follows on from what I was discussing in my previous post – ‘Why I’m not going to stop saying sorry’ – where I talk about how so many women in Business feel they have to fight harder for their place in the corporate World, failing to see that they are phenomenal in their job roles and shouldn’t feel anything but.

So, whether we are fighting for our place in Business, supporting those victimised by sexual harassment or pushing to close the Gender Pay Gap, we as women have to stand up and fight. We have to stop caring and worrying so much about what others may think and work towards our goals and dreams. We’ve got this.

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