Why I chose the name Graphene

It’s D day. You’ve been preparing as much as you can for the unknown world of telly and before you know it, there you are, sat around the meeting table at the house,gazing awkwardly at each other, surrounded by cameras for the first time in your life, trying to come up with that all important team name that will forever remain throughout the series.

“A,B, C, D…” I repeatedly went through the alphabet. Nothing. Until what felt like the billionth time, I get to G and it suddenly all comes rushing back to me “GRAPHENE!”.

As if by magic, the word comes to me from writing a previous content marketing strategy and all the information comes flooding back.
In my previous role as a Content Marketing Manager, I had to create strategies for clients blogs.

My client on this occasion was Interfocus, a laboratory solutions site. In order to gain readers, you need to come up with different angles for a topic that your potential customers may find interesting to read, not necessarily just focus on you brand or proposition and concentrating on creating content of interest or utility to you audience.

Without coming across as marketing. Which is harder than it sounds, and once you’ve got the right insights around your audience behaviour, branding and tone of voice is the fundamental key to connecting with people.

On this occasion, I was tasked with finding an alternative but interesting angle on Manchester’s wondrous material, Graphene.

When I started to research the material, as surprising to me as anyone, the more and more fascinated I became. Discovered in Manchester in 2004 by two researchers at The University ofManchester, Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kostya Novoselov, Graphene won a Physics Nobel Prize in 2010. It is the world’s thinnest material, flexible, yet 200 times stronger than steal, as well as the most conductive material in the world and the list goes on.

Whilst carrying out research, I was extremely proud to find that it had been discovered in my home city of Manchester, but also fascinated with just how much it can do – and even more shocked to find out that if you’ve ever drawn with a pencil, which you have, then you’ve been the wonderful, scratchy recipient of Manchester’s craft. (Not lead, as QI has probably told me at some point now I think of it. Handy for a pub quiz at the very least.)
The angle I decided to come up with, was the fact that it is able to filtrate impurities out of water (yes it can also do that and feel free to read the article here!).

So , that’s why I decided to go for the team name ‘Graphene’. It was born in Manchester, represents the flexibility yet strong bond a team should have, if you layer it up, it becomes much stronger, and you might win a pub quiz, too.

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