The Power of Self-Belief.

Have you ever thought that you aren’t good enough to do something? Be it an individual task, job promotion or even starting your own business?

Have you ever stopped yourself from taking a risk, or trying something different simply due to the fear of failure?

Time and time again the phrase ‘I can’t do that’ has entered my mind, be it years ago when applying for my first job as a Graduate, or when thinking about my future goals and dreams. The very same thought process haunted me during the auditions of The Apprentice – to the point I almost didn’t turn up to the final audition… and just imagine if I hadn’t?

That day, I learnt an extremely valuable lesson about the limitations of self-belief. We spend so long in life weighing up the ‘What ifs’ in a negative way, that we fail to see the value in what we have done, and what could happen if we just let ourselves take a risk – and think about ‘What if’ in the best way possible.

What if I’m really successful? What if I achieve my goals and so much more? What if I win?

The power of self-belief is truly an incredible thing – and in business, can be the real difference between make or break. Take Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs as key examples. As inventors, they have changed our World in incredible, innovative and very different ways, but all shared that same sense of belief in their goals.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

This quote in itself demonstrates the true power of the mind, and the potential for success if you use that power in the best way possible. Ultimately, the only person standing in your way is you.

Strength of mind is something talked about now more than ever, but have you taken the time to question how your own thought processes may be standing in your way?

This Saturday 11th November, I will be running Tatton Park’s 10KM to raise funds for Girls Out Loud, a UK Social Enterprise that supports teenage girls nationwide, who struggle with their own self-beliefs.

Like many girls, I struggled with self-esteem when growing up, and as I become more involved with the charity, I’m hopeful they will take inspiration from my story, and strive towards their own goals and dreams – whatever they may be, and regardless of what anyone else may think.

Believe in the cause? There is still time to donate via my Just Giving Page Here

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