Happiness hunting in Bali.

The past month, I have been travelling around Bali, immersing myself into different cultures to discover, what is it that makes other countries who seem to have ‘less’ than us, ‘happier’, and what is that secret ingredient?

Have we put that much pressure on ourselves in Western society to perform and become ‘successful’, that we’ve forgotten the true meaning of success – to be happy, healthy, with values and surrounded by people who matter.

This is Kedek. She is 84 years old and sells juice at the side of the road each day and has done for the past 30 years. Her posture is better than mine, she had a beaming smile on her face from the moment I met her and she simply exudes joy.

Her secret? She set herself a target each day to hit. And when she did?

She didn’t strive for more and more, she went home and spent the day with her family and was content.

I’m not saying this is right or wrong but it’s interesting to see the different values.

If you are a CEO, yet unhappy and not getting to experience life how you would like, would it not serve you better lose the label… but feel better?

Do you identify who you are by what you do? And what would happen once that title is taken away from you?

Would you still be ‘you’?

Next month I travel to India to live with Tibetan monks, to learn their mind mastery and discover any secrets they hold. Perhaps we can learn to tackle mental health issues through ancient methods and in fact look to prevention, rather than a cure.

I look forward to sharing many more life stories and experiences with you along the way and I hope to learn as much as possible.

What do you think the key to happiness is?

To hear more about the start of this project, find more here:

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  • Heaven on earth! This is the last time I’ll have internet for 2-3 weeks now. Thanks for all of your kind messages about my last blog post, I will get back to you as soon as I get back to a fully functioning connection in a few weeks. Sending lots of love home! 😘💚🌍 p.s. if any of you would like to do a trip like this, I went through @world_weavers and they are incredible x
  • 😩😍
  • Be A Human. Link in bio.
  • Arrived in India. This is not what I look like right now. But I need to reassure myself these 💼  under my eyes aren’t permanent 🙃
  • Tomorrow, I head to Spiti Valley in India for 1 month to live with monks, for a new and exciting project I’m working on with @world_weavers 💚

After this, I plan to travel the Golden Triangle... You’ve all been great offering tips over the past few months, so I’d love to hear any of your experiences to help me plan this trip please! Thank you in advance lovelies, extremely grateful! 🌎✨
  • Happy Father’s Day Dad, missing you loads Xxxxx

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