• 😩😍
  • Be A Human. Link in bio.
  • Arrived in India. This is not what I look like right now. But I need to reassure myself these 💼  under my eyes aren’t permanent 🙃
  • Tomorrow, I head to Spiti Valley in India for 1 month to live with monks, for a new and exciting project I’m working on with @world_weavers 💚

After this, I plan to travel the Golden Triangle... You’ve all been great offering tips over the past few months, so I’d love to hear any of your experiences to help me plan this trip please! Thank you in advance lovelies, extremely grateful! 🌎✨
  • Happy Father’s Day Dad, missing you loads Xxxxx
  • ...And appreciating last minute lux before heading to India for #monkforamonth

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