Greedy Greek Deli

Not many people would trade in a life of sun, sea and sand for a life in Sheffield, but that’s exactly what and The Greedy Greek Deli owner and foremost, family man Dennis Mouzakis did when he fell in love with his wife, Helen. The real life fairytale began when Helen, from Sheffield visited Dennis’s hometown, Zakinthos, Greece, with her family 22 years ago. But this was not to be…


  • LOVED the MotoGP so much yesterday and can’t get enough of life down under 🚁🏍🛵☀️
  • Sunset send off ☀️
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  • ✧ We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us ✧

Photo: @angiraudo
  • My face after I’ve booked a one way ticket ✈️ See you soon Bali & Aus!! 👋🏻
  • Thank you to my favourite people in the world for making my send off so special - I love you all millions, even if you all beat me at darts 🎯 And a big thanks to @viper & @flightclubdarts for organising ❤️

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