Are You Sick… Or Have You Just Forgot How to be Human?

WHY in 2018 are we trying to give people ‘magic pills’ then sending them back into the same environment that made them sick in the first place – just to get a quick fix?

Chances are, if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right in your gut, then it isn’t right. If you’re upset and feeling down and you don’t know why, strip it back.

Are you treating your body well? Are  you in a relationship that makes you happy (and yes, that means fulfilling you in every department)? What did you used to love doing as a child that you no longer do? What are you neglecting yourself of, and why?

You are an animal and if someone took your pet dog, put flashing lights in their eyes daily, didn’t allow them to communicate properly (as they were just stood next to each other looking down at their phones), fed them chemicals, poisoned them weekly and made them compare themselves with bigger and better dogs daily, then it would be called animal abuse. So why are we doing it to ourselves… then deeming it acceptable?

Talking is the first step. But talking is useless without following up with action.

Take time to talk to each other. Stop looking down at your phone for five minutes. Look up, smile at someone, find out stories about your family members past. Become human again. COMMUNICATE.

Life is a gift and through systems we get taught to trade that gift in for money.

Through previous generations mindsets, education systems, political systems and unknowingly, friends – we are taught that you are only as good as what you do for work.

Ever taken the time to realise what money actually is when you break it down? It’s how much you value your time. It’s how much you are willing to trade your life on earth, to complete a job, to make someone else more money.

So if you’re going to work every week and coming out with nothing at the end of it, and you don’t enjoy your job. Well, you are essentially saying that you don’t value your time. You are trading in your precious time here for pieces of material – or the hope that you will get to retire and enjoy your last twenty years in a nice retirement home.

Starting at the bottom is tough once you’ve started out in a career path. No one ever wants to start again. But life is too short and precious to spend your life wishing your days away.

Could you go without that extra outfit? Do you need that spare room that you rarely go in? Could you downsize? Maybe you don’t need a new iPhone this year?

Surely your daily happiness is more important than pieces of happiness every so often?

If your job is making you miserable, no materialistic item will make you happy a fulfilled anyway – at least not long term.

If you’re in a job you hate, quit. If you’re in a relationship and it doesn’t make you feel good, deep down in your heart, leave. It’s hard but just trust in yourself to know there IS better out there, you will find it, and you do deserve it. Chances are, you have a bigger and better path to follow elsewhere and you’re missing out on all the goodies of an exciting life because you won’t leave your comfort zone.

You are so much more capable than you think until you are put in a position where you have to look after yourself.

The media teaches us that not having someone on our arm and being loved is the greatest risk you can have in life. But actually, the greatest risk is never taking the chance on yourself, and in turn, never fully loving yourself.

The pressures of society are becoming almost unbearable and we all know social media has a huge part to play in this. I’ve heard it from far too many of you. And something needs to be done, before we lose anyone else.

So, girls, boys, men, women, look out for each other. Drop the sass, drop the ‘bae’, drop the bravado, put down your phone, step away from social media and the toxicity out there and give your mate a cuddle.

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  • Bit nervous to post this but my amazing friends have reassured me that you should never been ashamed of your experiences that got you to where you are now! 
Last year, I achieved a lot of things I’d always dreamt of. Yet, I felt like I was on this never ending rat race wheel, once finally achieving goals, quickly forgetting how far I’d come and looking for the next thing to accomplish. Nothing ever felt enough, my ambition was killing me. My striving for more and more, constantly left me feeling dissatisfied, never living in the now, always looking for the next moment in life, the next best thing, the next pay cheque.

I decided to take a month to explore myself, explore the world, and find out what happiness actually looked like to me, find out what it meant to be content in that given moment, not wishing for the next thing or thinking I could always find a way to improve the now. I headed to India to live with monks without the influence of my ‘normal’ life around me.

It was tough, no internet, no contact, no luxuries but something within me changed. I think I actually started to accept myself for who I am. 
I’m not going to pretend like I had some sort of magical life changing epiphany and don’t still have days where I wonder what the hell is going on, but what I am truly grateful for, is the time it gave me to sit back, consciously evaluate what was important to me, what my values were and the direction I wanted my life to head in.

Off the back of it, I realised the importance of communication and came home and set up my own podcasting company, to help people communicate (which I adore), took a step back from the false reality of social media, learnt how to say no to things I didn’t want to do, and started dedicating more time to loved ones. 
I’m excited (and nervous) to share the full short documentary with you but I hope you, a friend or a family member gain something from it. I’ve learnt it’s ok sometimes to feel lost in life, and life isn’t always a straight line, it’s ups and downs but that’s what makes you alive. 
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this journey, the people 100% made it and I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart✌🏻

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