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Why I chose the name Graphene

It’s D day. You’ve been preparing as much as you can for the unknown world of telly and before you know it, there you are, sat around the meeting table at the house,gazing awkwardly at each other, surrounded by cameras for the first time in your life, trying to come up with that all important team name that will forever remain throughout the series. “A,B, C, D…” I repeatedly went…

Should We Invest in Life Experiences Over Education?

In a time where England boasts some of the most expensive university tuition fees in the world, I pose a question to you. Should young adults start investing their money into life experiences more so than education? And flip that on its head, could they in fact learn just as much from doing so? Of course, education is important, and we are extremely lucky to live in a country where…

The Apprentice 2017

Absolutely delighted to share with you all that I will be competing in this years BBC The Apprentice to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.. Hopefully I will make you all proud! Tune in on the 4th October at 9pm for the first episode. Watch this space #TeamJade #bbc #TheApprentice…

Is The Digital Age Making us Instant Gratification Addicts?

Is the digital age making us instant gratification addicts? When was the last time you had to wait for something? And I don’t mean wait for the next iPhone to come out, wait an extra thirty seconds for a web page to open or wait for that dream body to arrive after eating healthily for a solid 24 hours! I mean truly wait. Wait how your grandparents had to wait…

El Gato Negro

If you have ever had more than a five-minute conversation with me, chances are that you’ll know I am slightly obsessed with food. So after hearing about the opening of swanky new tapas restaurant, El Gato Negro on King Street in Manchester, I knew this was to be my next gluttonous treat. Tables are few and far between, so when my three girlfriends and I managed to bag ourselves a…

Mudcrab Restaurant

Being the one year anniversary of the Mud Crab restaurant on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield, since it had its concept change from restaurant, Felicini, Digest Sheffield decided to find out how it’s coming along. The restaurant, owned by Neil Lawrence and Ged Lynch (no, not the musician), came about when the pair, who own several other restaurants around Sheffield, Cheshire and Manchester under the company name Nose Ltd, saw an…


  • My face after I’ve booked a one way ticket ✈️ See you soon Bali & Aus!! 👋🏻
  • Thank you to my favourite people in the world for making my send off so special - I love you all millions, even if you all beat me at darts 🎯 And a big thanks to @viper & @flightclubdarts for organising ❤️
  • Fab day yesterday as always!! @bbc @kylewalker115 @jaycmcr @reeceiw @fai_dat_xx
  • Back on our first night just outside of Paris, at the beautiful @lebarnhotel 💚
  • Thank you @nxtep_personal_training for helping me find balance over the last few weeks! 
I think this is probably the first time in my life I’ve pretty much eaten what I want and trained without feeling guilty and still managed to see results. I feel SO much happier and healthier within myself for finally getting the kick up my arse to train again. Thank you thank you thank you - you are THE best!! Can’t recommend @t_fozzy @jkmhackwell @Davi d_bell_1989 and the uber friendly and professional team enough x
  • One of my absolute faves tonight!! @bbcradiomanchester - chatting shit (I mean debating topical issues 👀) for 3 hours really is a lot of fun 🙌🏻🤣 #TheDeadGoodShow

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